Review: Freiraum Festival _ June 2017 _ Pilotenkueche Team

Pilotenkueche’s small team (Director Martin Holz, Program Designer Christian Brown, our intern, and myself as Program Coordinator) participated in an interventive performance during Leipzig’s Freiraum Festival. This took the form of ‘occupying’ the free art-spaces by taping fake eviction notices from the city of Leipzig on their doors. This performance was a forewarning of a foreseeable future and a call-to-attention on the issue of gentrification.

On one hand, by joining in hype, venues risk being bought out by investors and turned into commercial shops (which is already happening.) On the other hand, by staying under-ground  the venues are less likely to collaborate and therefore less likely to build a strong network of publicly and culturally engaged centers. With our loud shopping cart and crude DIY sign, the public response to this performance ranged from conversation and laughter to incredulity.

freiraum fest pk.JPG

...And Eat it Too

Repurposing a traditionally domestic act, '...and eat it too' aims to engage the public with tantalizing sculpture. Simultaneously a proactive response to the constraints of gender norms, the project thrives on the fact that eating is international.

Conceived of during Listhus Art Residency in ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Reproduced at MANPOWER Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. 


CashBoat: Skammdegi Festival

Conceived of at Listhus AIR with Samuel Cousin, “Cash Boat” is an arrangement of thought probes forming a narrative that reminds us how easily identities can be commodified, controlled, and disciplined. Presented as a set  of clues, this research project responds to what has been called Europe’s migrant crisis: We consider the menial processes that facilitate the allocation of stereotypes, and consequent exportation of prejudices, suspicion and misrepresented identities. 

ROVA II @ Art Matters Festival

HD Video. 10:21 minutes                                                                   

A comedic conflation of Lordi’s performance of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” at Eurovision with Rum Tum Tugger’s solo in Cat’s musical.

An NKS Production (Samuel Cousin/Natalia Kalicki) 

Watch it here:


Public Art on Private Property Intervention + Abandoned houses + Abandoned letters

Public performance. Rovaniemi, Finland. Summer 2015.                                           

Concerning the lack of affordable housing for seniors and students, I repurpose the abandoned and taboo spaces around the city of Rovaniemi in northern Finland.