2016 BFA. Specialization in Painting, Minor English Literature. Concordia University, Montreal Canada.      

2014­-15 ­    Studies at Lapland University. Rovaniemi, Finland.


Group Shows

*2018, Alte Handelsschule. Leipzig, Germany

2017, Diversity Collection. Pilotenkueche. Lindenow 13 Festival. Leipzig, Germany

2016, Goodbye Horses. Pilotenkueche, Spinnerai. Leipzig, Germany

2016, Popessy, Zum hinkenden Han. Leipzig, Germany

2016, "Wild Horses." Galerie Bipolar. Leipzig, Germany

2016, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Markt. Salur Myndlistarfélagsins. Akureyri, Iceland *NKS

2015, Bunny Suit. FluxBau. Berlin, Germany

2015, Northern Interventions: Public Art on Private Housing. Rovaniemi, Finland.

2014, Awkward Bodies. VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada.

2014  Kissing Trial. Public Performance. VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada.


Solo/Duet Shows

2017, Eat This with Lucino Veo. Salon Similde. Leipzig, Germany

2015, Liminal Boxes. Galleria Kajo II, Rovaniemi, Finland.

2012, iii. FIBO. Montreal, Canada.



2017, “Buttersäure-Senf” Pilotenkueche. Leipzig, Germany

2017, “uns gefällt alles” Galerie Bipolar. Leipzig, Germany

2017,, "FULL STOP" Pilotenkueche. Leipzig, Germany

2017, "COMMA" Galerie Bipolar. Leipzig, Germany


Festivals/Open Studio

2017, Franz Flemming 15, Open Studio. Leipzig, Germany

2017, Tour De Franz, Open Studio. Leipzig, Germany

2016, "...and eat it too." Installation. Manpower Festival. Lisbon, Portugal. 

2016, Rum Tum Lordi Screening. Never Apart, Art Matters Festival. Montreal, Canada *NKS

2016, NKS Open Studio. Skammdegi Festival. Ólafsfjörður, Iceland     

2015, Skammdegi. Skammdegi Festival. Listhús í Fjallabyggð, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland



Studio XX Member 2016

Listhus A-I-R. Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Winter 2016

PILOTENKUECHE Leipzig, Germany. Upcoming Fall 2016



2017, Program Coordinator. Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Germany

2016, Public Artist Talk, Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Germany

2016, Lecture at HTWK Leipzig

2016, Freelance UI Web Design

2016, CKUT Radio Production Internship, Montreal, Canada.  

2016, Lecture and Talk at Tröllaskagi Upper-Secondary School, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. *NKS

2015, Reporter for Montreal Rampage, Montreal Canada.

2012, Waiting for Godot. Set Design & Painter. Players' Theater. McGill University, Montreal      

2012, Dan Smith Owes Me 14 Dollars.  Self­-published, distributed. Vancouver, Canada.




2016 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant Recipient

2015 CALQ Award: NKS duet (Natalia Kalicki/Samuel Cousin) for Listhus AIR program

2015-16 Skammdegi AIR Award. Residency by Listhus. Ólafsfjörður, North Iceland.

2014-­15 ­ MELS Student Mobility Bursary. Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. Quebec, Canada.

2012, In The Devils Waiting Room . Global Culture Competition. First in Fine Arts Category. Cafe de la Pensee. International, Web.